Keep It Minimal And Simple

Simplicity is always very eye-catchy and it has become a trend in so many industries like fashion and even food. Over complicating things is a waste of time and material with no extra benefit. Just because something is simple does not make it boring. Keeping it simple is an art and it is sophisticated on its own. Given below are a few ways where simplicity is still winning the game.

In your homeHomes with less furniture are the most comfortable ones to live in. It also reduces the feeling of claustrophobia and makes the area seem more roomy and attractive. If one wants to add colour then you could simply paste an elegant wall paper or a designer curtain to one’s hall. And if it is the kitchen one could place a glass splashbacks in Sydney and it also be customised to your liking.

Even the washroom needs a modern twist in the simplest way. The latest trend nowadays is to install frameless shower screens in Sydney as it is gives such a complicated yet minimal look to your washroom. It also makes it look a lot more spacious.

In the fashion industryIf you are fashion designer and your main level of expertise is in shoe wear, then the ramp models need to wear a simple outfit with less or absolutely no jewellery at all. It is because in this way the centre of attention will go to the foot wear. So this is another place where simplicity stays winning. Designers hate to over complicate stuff because the audience only gets a couple of minutes to absorb the attires of the runway models.

Even when it comes to make up, the make-up artist plays with the strength of the person’s facial structure and does not make it look to gaudy. Either they make the eyes look flashy or they add colour to the lips and make the eyes subtle.

In the food industryAs we all know, when it comes to fine dining the plating is always kept very minimal because this makes it easier for the person eating to experience every single flavour in the dish to its fullest. If too many ingredients and spices are used then the dish becomes a whole mess. But with simple and a few ingredients people can now make stunning 3 Michelin star meals. It is all about choosing the right ingredients to keep the balance. Quantity does not play a role here and it is the quality of the dish that matters the most. 

Renovating Your Bathroom

Although we may not realise it, one of the most important place in our homes is our bathroom. The bathroom is often the place that we go for time alone from our noisy kids, no matter how much we love them and also for time away from work, our constantly ringing phone and all the stresses of life. This is why bathrooms in hotel rooms are done up so well because this is often the only time that we have to relax away from the rest of the world and as such, it would be a good idea for us to invest some extra money in making our bathrooms a little luxurious.

The bigger the better

One of the biggest mistakes that home owners make is building small bathrooms because when people without much knowledge design their own homes, they place very little importance on the bathroom in their home. If you have ever spent time at a hotel or a luxurious resort, you will notice that the bathrooms they have are usually very large and equipped with shower screen doors, hot water systems and even bubble baths.

If you ever have a little extra money, it would be a great idea to invest that money in to refurbishing your bathroom and making an effort to make it bigger than it is and adding in a Jacuzzi or a nice bubble bath to it. It would be such a great thing for you to be able to come back home after a tired and stressful day at the office to a nice warm bath in a beautifully done up bathroom. You will find that beautiful stylish frameless shower screens in Melbourne do not cost as much as you would think and they are in most cases affordable to the average person. However, most people do not realise this and do not even bother to check the prices of them because they automatically assume that they will cost a lot of money.

If you were to look online, you will be able to get some amazing ideas for modern bathrooms. One of the things that are becoming popular in this day and age are big frameless mirrors in bathrooms as this gives the illusion that the bathroom is a lot bigger than it actually is. Space and size make a big difference when it comes to bathrooms. Even if you do not have a lot of space and you do not have a way of making your bathroom bigger, there are many amazing ways of giving the illusion of space that you can use.