Staying Safe When The Sun Is Out

As global warming increases day by day, the rays of the sun also get deadlier. There is more radiation in the air today than there were earlier and we all have to take extra efforts to protect ourselves from it. Here are some of the things you can and should do in order to be safe from the sun.

Avoid It As Much as Possible

Avoiding the sun may sound impossible to do but is actually not that difficult with a few measures. First, make sure that your windows and doors are properly covered and don’t let in too much light. This is antithetical to the trend of using as much natural light and clean energy as possible these days but along with light comes UV radiation. So the best thing to do is use outdoor awnings in Melbourne on all your windows and doors and avoid going out in the direct sun during the day.

Protect Your Skin

Your skin is the first line of defence against UV radiation; it is also the biggest organ in your body. Thus, it is the most vulnerable to diseases caused by sunlight such as skin cancer and allergies. Just like you can use cafe blinds in Melbourne and shields to protect your windows and doors, you must use sun block and always wear a hat or carry an umbrella (whichever gives you more coverage). When you use sun block, remember that it has to be calibrated to your skin tone and the climatic zone you are in. For instance, if you are fair skinned and sunbathing in the tropics, you need to use a sun block that is stronger than SPF 30 whereas in colder countries something between SPF 20-25 would suffice. The darker your skin tone, the more melanin you have, and the higher your resistance to UV radiation. Therefore, if you are fair skinned, you need to be more careful than others.

Know When to Shade

There are plenty of people like construction workers who have to work throughout the day, sometimes in the sun. However, they instinctively know when it is bad for them to stay out, so they will have a little break when the sun is at its peak (12 noon) and shorter breaks both before and after that time. Follow in their example and avoid the sun at all costs between 10am and 2pm, especially in the tropics. Not only will it burn your skin, it will also impart a lot of radiation.