Thoughtful Gift Ideas To Give At A House Warming Occasion Of A Loved One

Is a loved one finally moving into their own home? Do you want to gift them with a thoughtful gift in their special day? If so, here are a few of our suggestions…

  • Handmade quilts or cushion covers – without a doubt, most home accessory stores have plenty of ready-made, off the shelf quilts and cushion covers available now-a-days. While there’s really nothing wrong with it (perhaps, apart from the quality), a hand sewn quilt will definitely make a more useful, memorable and thoughtful gift. So get yourself some patchwork fabric (or in case you’re crocheting), some yarn and get started today!
  • DIY wall art and decorations – if you can’t find the appropriate materials in your locality, and if you don’t have the time to wait for that fabric online purchase or to get it sewn, then look for a less time consuming gift. Most wall art and wall decoration can be made pretty fast; especially if you have all the materials. If you’re skilled in photography, you can even opt for gifting them a photo wall.
  • Window herb garden kit – everyone knows food tastes so much better when there are herbs in it. And this is regardless to what cuisine around the world you are talking about. Irrespective to whether the new home owners are skilled in the kitchen or not, a portable or window herb garden kit will be of many use to them. And if you opt for small potted plants, they need not even be expert gardeners to keep them alive.
  • Towel sets for the guest bathrooms – whether your friend’s new place has a guest room or not, it is inevitable that they will eventually have guests. And it’s always a good idea to have toiletries and towels kept aside especially for guests; in case they forget their own. This gesture also translates as making your home more welcome; a sign of a good host.
  • Kitchen knife set – every kitchen, no matter how infrequently it is used, can benefit from a good set of knives. From serrated bread knives to the blunt butter knife, each type of knife has its own specialty. Having a good quality, sharp knife can make cooking faster, and even more safer. Personally, we feel our kitchen cannot be considered complete unless it has a 9 inch “chef’s knife”; but that’s only our opinion. And if you pair a portable knife sharpener along with this, you’ve definitely hit the mark for the thoughtful house warming gift.
  • Beginner’s spice rack – are your new home owners new to cooking? Perhaps this is the first time they have owned their own kitchen. In that case, it’s quite possible that they might not be experienced with the world of spices. Introduce them to it! Get them a beginner’s spice rack so that they can experiment with tastes and improve their cooking…