Tips On Remodelling The Bath

Are you going to renovate your home and bathroom? Then read on below to find some helpful tips to renovate it into the ideal bathroom!

  • Try to keep to the old layouts – one of the biggest reasons why bathroom renovations in Adelaide can become very expensive is because homeowners attempt to change the plumbing by either moving the entire bathroom to a separate room, or try to change the layout of the sink, toilet and shower. If you really need to do this, then go ahead; however, most of the time, there is no real need to change the layout. You can give your bathroom a new look without changing its layout – and you will save up quite a lot of funds for more important projects.
  • Toilets – just as in the case of replacing plumbing, there is no need to replace the entire toilet: you can just replace the toilet seat and lid and it will look new. You can once again save up money and the time it will take for your plumber to install a new toilet as well.
  • Tiling is not the only option – when it comes to bathrooms, there is an idea that tiling is the only option – and often, the entire bathroom is tiled from the floor to the ceiling. But this is not necessary; in fact, you can take liberties decorating your bathroom, albeit not as much as with other home renovations. You can even use wood panels and boards which can definitely give the area a much warmer feeling (understand, though, that they will be high-maintenance).

  • Paint colourfully – and also, another point to remember, is that you do not need to limit yourself to cool colours. Bathrooms often feel cold, but you can easily avoid this by giving the room vivacity with warmer colours such as yellows and oranges.
  • Add sufficient lighting – whilst bathrooms are often small spaces, they can easily look dark; thus, most homeowners often opt to replace lighting and add more of it when attempting renovations. Make sure to include sufficient lighting, and find some nice fixtures for them; if your bathroom has access to the roof as well, you can consider adding a skylight as well.
  • Consider open shelves – and again, because bathrooms are small spaces, it is quite easy for them to feel cramped up. Consider investing in open shelves to give the illusion of more space (which can also save you money once again) – you can store your towels and other items on them. For the more private belongings, you can have some high shelves or mirror cabinets, as well as covered baskets.