Tips To Avoid Accidents While Cooking

Everyone who has cooked knows that little slips and falls and cuts and burns are not a hundred percent avoidable when it comes to the pantry. However, there is also scope of not having any of these accidents if you are careful enough. Here are some helpful tips to let you know how you can be as safe as possible while preparing meals for you and your loved ones.

Pick the correct utensils Always make sure to pick the correct utensils in your kitchen resurfacing Melbourne for the particular dish that you are preparing and pay attention to that max line indicator that comes on the sides of many of the cooking pots and kettles today. Give space for the liquid within to create foam if it does and never fill it to the brim. Also remember to choose the right pot depending upon whether you will be microwaving, steaming, freezing or otherwise.

The heavier they are the lower they go Always make sure to keep all of the heavy utensils that you have on the lower levels of the shelves so that they will have less chance of breaking the shelves and everything else on it if they should be too heavy. On the other hand if you have enough space on your granite countertop, you can keep some of the utensils that you use almost at every meal time there for ease of access.

Cook with no distractions Getting distracted while cooking is dangerous. Always give all your attention to the time that you are cooking and do not let any little children in who could distract you and also hurt themselves. Always keep a timer on the things on the stove and switch it off immediately. If while cooking, you have to pick up a call or answer the doorbell, make sure that the stove is turned off right or that you have set the timer on before you leave the pantry.

Wear anti-slip slippers The pantry, no matter how clean you try to keep it will suffer a little bit of moisture and wetness at least. Wear anti-slip footwear that will prevent you from falling and injuring yourself. Mop up the floor always, remove any food morsels that are on the floor and might cause slips. Look out for water and oil spills as well.

Electric cords and sockets You need to always tie up the electric cords of wires in the pantry with a rubber band or the likes so that it will not trip you up. You also need to make sure that the sockets for plugs do not have any wetness or moisture or you will have a risk of getting electrocuted or if the short circuit goes off, your pantry might even catch fire.